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Truck Tires
Independent tire service Inc. offers a wide variety of name brand tires in steer, drive, all position and trailer. When it comes to tire sense, retreads are the best way to go economically and environmentally. Independent tire service Inc. is and affiliate Oliver retread dealer. With proper maintenance like co0rrect tire psi, tire matching, inspection and tread cleaning a typical truck tire can be retreaded up to 5 times, if not more.

From truck fleets of several to over forty we provide:
- drop off/pick up tire service
- tire pressure check
- flat repair
- Tire tread depth check
- TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) for your fleet.

Whether on the road/highway, at your yard or shop, or at our facility...

“ We’ll be there when you need us most!"

Truck Tire Repair & Maintenance