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Tire Repair Service
» Tire Repair
Independent tire service can and will supply you with any name brand tire and quality tire repairs. Do you have a slow leak from a screw or sharp object in your tire? Is your vehicle vibrating as you drive down the road; possibly from irregular tire wear or a broken cord or ply in your tire? Not only can this be a costly road service call if we come to you!

In 2013 the new York state dmv summary of motor vehicle crashes states that 1567 crashes accured, 543 personal injuries and 9 fatalities were caused by tire failure or inadequate tire wear. This means every day in that year 1.49 persons were injured in crashes while driving due to tire failures. Every 5.5 weeks a person died due to tire failure while driving in New York State. 2014 New York state dmv summary of motor vehicle crashes has not yet been published. Stop in to Independent tire service today, our professional advice is free as is our air

Independent Tire is an Associate Bartec Repair Shop and we guarantee that we will get the dash light off in your car. We carry a full line of replacement sensors and dill air controls to rebuild your TPMS sensor.

» Shuttle services
Independent tire service inc provides a pick up/drop off service within a 10 mile radius of our facility. Home, work, school, gym, if you have a place you need to go and decide to leave your vehicle with us, please inquire previous to your appointment .
» Tire Maintenance
Independent tire service Inc. offers a full line of maintenance products:
• air check
• tire age inspection
• tread depth check (tread wear)
• lug nut and rim corrosion inspection
• TPMS service

» Truck tires and on call truck tire service
Independent tire service Inc. offers a wide variety of name brand tires in steer, drive, all position and trailer. When it comes to tire sense, retreads are the best way to go economically and environmentally. Independent tire service Inc. is and affiliate Oliver retread dealer. With proper maintenance like co0rrect tire psi, tire matching, inspection and tread cleaning a typical truck tire can be retreaded up to 5 times, if not more.

From truck fleets of several to over forty we provide:
• drop off/pick up tire service
• tire pressure check
• flat repair
• Tire tread depth check
• TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) for your fleet.

Whether on the road/highway, at your yard or shop, or at our facility, We’ll be there when you need us most!

» Truck Tire Roadside Service:
24/7 365 days
Our trucks can change a flat tire on the majority of any New York state highways within 100 miles from our facility in New Rochelle, New York.

» Wheel Repair
• Quality rebuilds on multi-piece wheels
• Repair on steel & aluminum wheels

» Pickup/Drop Off
We offer shuttle service to and from home, office school or gym within 100 mile range with few exceptions. Call first to inquire.
» Winter special:
Receive a free 5,000 mile tire rotation when you purchase two or more tires.